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A Little About Texas Special Tees

A small town Mom and Pop shop with a big attitude! 

In the little town of Three Rivers,TX, with a population of just over 1500 people you will find the place we call home. Small town values are big here, along with the idea that treating people right is the only way to do business. We do our absolute best to give people exactly what they want and at the best of our ability every day. We are fairly new to the screen printing business, but not new to treating customers right. Between the four of us, we have a combined experience in art and business of over 100 years! 

Why, you may ask, did we dive into the art of screen printing?  
Simple.... well ok, maybe not so much. When trying to find good quality screen printed tee shirts for our other businesses, we couldn't find a printer that would take the time to listen and reproduce the ideas that we had. The few shirts that we had printed were never quite right in the design and the quality was never what we thought it should be. So, after thinking it can't be all that hard, I met a friend in the business who was willing to show me his craft. After learning all we could it was time to give it a try, and we've been producing high quality Tee's ever since, and continuing to learn more and more every day. It's not hard to screen print, the hard part is the artwork and knowing how the art is going to print, how the colors are going to combine.  That's where our previous experience comes in, and not just our experience but the need to have things just right.

Our love of Texas Music also played a part in the decision. Several friends in the Texas music scene could use some help, we thought. We know how hard it is to promote a small business on a shoestring budget, promoting your music is just as hard. Every band or musician needs a good T-shirt right? The problems we had with getting t-shirts for our business were the same for musicians. Quality, design issues, as well as minimum orders, screen charges, art all adds up pretty quickly making that perfect tee just out of reach. Well, not anymore! We do our best to to work with musicians and their budget and can even sell their tees online for them.

We can do the same for any small business, for teachers, for schools, dance classes, athletic teams, clubs, and anyone needing good quality screen printing at an affordable price. We love to work with ideas, and the people who have them.

The Stubbs family has come together with combined experience in making business work and making your experience with us an excellent one. Anything less just will not do! 

Thank you for taking the time to visit our store. If there is ever anything we can do for you, if you have any questions, or anything else, please don't hesitate to contact us. or call us at 361-784-2052

Again, Thank you!
The Stubbs Family
and Kaitlyn